We use TSS for customs on all goods moving from GB-NI and generate both the ENS and SFD. We are also able to help with Supplementary Declarations.

Our specialist customs services include:

POAO – Products of Animal Origin – we were the first company in NI to secure a trial with DAERA after the NI Protocol was implemented and are now specialists in this area. We process ENS/SFDs and CHEDs.

PA – Private Attestations – we can support you to clear goods containing products of animal origin in smaller amounts such as chocolate and biscuits. You supply the PA and we will complete it and submit to the relevant authorities.

Organics – we have become specialised in clearing organic goods and regularly ship organic teas, wines and food stuffs.

Products of Plant Origin – including flowers, bulbs and seeds. We create both the ENS/SFD and the CHED.

Hay and Straw – we process shipments of hay and straw and create the ENS/SFD and CHED on your behalf.

Alcohol – we ship alcohol daily and can guide you on the rules for providing VI-1s for wines that originate outside of the EU/GB.

We also offer customs clearance within our international department.

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